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Okay, okay so you will have to put in a little effort, but seriously it’s minimal. You’ve probably heard of survey websites offering rewards in exchange for your time and opinions, but if you’ve ever actually tried to earn any ££ from completing their surveys, you’ll know how long it can take to earn anywhere near enough points to make any pennies.

That’s what makes Viewsbank a little different. When you sign up to Viewsbank and complete your registration, you earn an instant £1 reward – opt into Viewsbank’s Unique Quote Research Project and you’ll earn another instant £5 when they select your details. In fact you can earn up to £7.50 a week once you get going and get paid automatically into your PayPal account every time you hit £12. Additionally, members can potentially earn an extra £20 every month by participating in competitions and trending polls each week.


Viewsbank is a community of members who get paid to complete quick surveys about a wide range of topics. 

As a Viewsbank member, you’ll fill out daily surveys to earn money – these could be about what type of insurance you have, your everyday life and things like how much you travel or if you have any pets. You can answer surveys and polls whenever and wherever you are in your free time – a coffee break will do!

The Viewsbank panel is run by Consumer Intelligence, an independent research company trusted by a huge range of businesses, from household brands to The Office of National Statistics, who use their data when compiling the Retail Price Index for the UK Government.

When you sign up, you can earn up to £5 just by allowing Viewsbank to use your information to run anonymised insurance quotes. They do this to check real world prices for your unique risk profile across the market and gather important data about insurance in the UK.

By opting in, there’s absolutely no impact to your credit score or any insurance policies you have or may take out in future, as Consumer Intelligence partners with insurers and comparison websites to conduct their research.


This information is intended for editorial purposes only and not intended as a recommendation or financial advice