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Everyone has the confidence to manage their money


Level the playing field for working people

The UK's Onestop to Save

We're empowering working people to Save, Make & Manage their money better.

“We want to level the playing field when it comes to money: It's an essential life skill yet so many people don't have it.

Everyone can have the confidence to manage their own money, no matter what their background.”


Emmanuel Asuquo

Eman is passionate about empowering people to manage their money. You may have seen him on BBC News, ITV or Ch4's "Save Well, Spend Better". He has written the book "Get your money right" to help working people understand money and make it work for them.

Eman grew up in one of the UK’s poorest areas in Tower Hamlets in East London. So he knows first hand what it’s like to be tight with money. When he became a financial advisor, he did so with one purpose to help others understand money so they could make it work for them. He is an author who has written a book to help more working people learn about money aptly titled “Get your money right”.

He has helped working families make ends meet all over the country and showed how he can help in a recent BBC episode of “We are England”. He’s a regular on “Steph’s packed lunch” on ITV making sense for ordinary people of money matter from Tesco clubcard to energy bills hikes.

Eman is part of the Ch4 team on the successful “Spend less, Save more” that helps people make savings in the cost of living crisis. He has been on “Good Morning” on ITV with Susana and Ed Balls to explain in language regular people can understand what changes in the budget really means for them.

With a real passion for helping people learn about money he visits schools to start the money mindset early with teenagers. Eman loves nothing more than to give back to the next generation by equipping them with money skills.


Paul Troy

Paul spent 7 years leading marketing at MoneySuperMarket and Confused, helping people across the UK to save millions. He teamed up with Eman to give working people the know how to save money.

Paul has worked with the founder of Money Super Market to establish the price comparison sector. He was motivated by being one of the “good guys” who saved people money rather than being over charged by their insurers (the “bad guys”).

He created “Epic” savings for people using price comparison sites saving them hundreds of millions of pounds. His money saving led him to get interested in Money Saving Expert which Money Super Market later brought into the fold as its mission aligned

Now he has teamed up with Eman who is right the next generation of money savers – he speaks their language and shares a passion for helping people to understand their money and save more of it to cope with the cost of living crisis

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