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GoDaddy is an easy way to get you started with a website to help you promote your services or sell online.If you have a name for your site you can register it at GoDaddy for a reasonable price compared with many websites.

Choose a name that links well to your business and then check if that URL is available on GoDaddy – we looked up “” and it was only £0.84 in the first year, reduced from £11.99.

You will have to renew you name in future years and likely cost you £11.99, however thats still good value as you’ll know by then if its working and worth renewing it.

Our advice with names is pick something relevant to your side hustle. Think about what someone might google to find you.

If you want to look up any names and see if your domain is free, head to the  GoDaddy website to start your search.

Start with a name, get a website and you're ready to start selling online

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It’s super easy to get started with GoDaddy, with simple templates tailored to your industry that you can personalise quickly and get going with.

You don’t need any technical expertise to get started and could be up and running with a professional website for your small business or side hustle in no time.


They do it all for you so you can be everywhere you need to be to sell your services or stuff – on Amazon, Etsy or eBay.

They can also help you manage your profiles on Google, Facebook & Instagram.

This information is intended for editorial purposes only and not  intended as a recommendation or financial advice