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Take card payments easily

Payment machines used to be big, clunky and dominated by banks looking for big fees for shops or retailers.

All that has changed with new players like sumup. They have made payment machines smaller and portable and the fees a very small with no upfront costs.

Unsurprisingly, sumup is the choice of many small traders or self employed people working for themselves, like hairdressers, small shop owners and car boot sellers.

With most of us paying by card you'll make more from you side hustle if you can take payment this way

EmanFounder OnestopSave

Perfect for monetising your side hustle

To take payment in person from your side hustle, you’ll need to have a card reader and the sumup reader is perfect for sole traders and small businesses.

It’s so neat, small and light that you can carry it with you to your next craft sale, car boot or house if you’re baby sitting or dog walking.

The reader accepts all cards meaning you can take card payments anywhere.

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Payment anywhere

The sumup card reader is mobile with wifi built into it – so you can take payment almost anywhere

You can take contactless payment and chip and pin payment from debit or credit cards

Low fees 

You pay a standard of 1.69% per transaction for all their card readers and no VAT is charged on this fee.

Extra benefits

No contacts and no hidden fees – so its an affordable payment solution for side hustles

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