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Save up to 50% on train tickets

Save up to 50% on train tickets

Save up to 50% on train tickets

Save up to 50% on train tickets



UK trains are confusing and unreliable at the best of times, so don’t get caught out by the ticket machine as well. A recent article from Sky News reported data from Which? showing that buying from the machine at the station can be a staggering 52% more expensive than buying the same tickets online. It seems like madness that the same journey can cost more or less depending on where you buy your tickets, but the best prices are definitely found online – or even better through an app, like the Trainline. So avoid the overpriced Ticket machines and save on train tickets by buying in-app or online.

The Trainline app has been around for a good few years and it really delivers the goods on finding the best prices for train & coach travel. Whilst you do pay a small booking fee, you can search and buy tickets for all different train providers and find discounted tickets and routes with options like ‘splitsave’, which finds the cheapest tickets along your journey and essentially sticks them together in one booking. There are also some pretty sweet deals on first class train travel if you can book ahead.

If (or more likely when…) your train is delayed, the app will let you know if you’re entitled to Delay Repay compensation – and how to claim it. According to a recent Trainline survey, ”the average Brit says they miss out on a total of £1,204.80 per year buying products and services they’re eligible to return or refund” – so make sure you’re clicking to claim those train delay payments!

The app is also super handy for on-the-go info and will often show a platform for your train before it appears on the station screen, what’s more you can buy a railcard through the app and it’s stored in your account – putting everything you need in one convenient place.

If you know which train operator you’ll travel with, you might make the best savings by going direct. LNER offers great perks, with cashback on bookings and other perks available in the app.


For long journeys or as a treat, it’s also worth downloading Seatfrog, who operate auctions on first class ticket upgrades when a train has unsold seats. You might find you can get an upgrade for as little as £10, which on many train lines will mean you’ll get complimentary first class food & drink during your journey. Unless you’ve brought your own lunch and coffee (or beer!) this might work out cheaper than a coffee shop run.

Go online or use apps to save on your weekly travel costs, why pay more?

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There are a good few options when it comes to railcards and even if you don’t meet the criteria for an individual railcard, you could still save on train tickets when travelling with your friends or family.

The thing with railcards is they usually ‘pay back’ even after the first trip or two - at £30 for a year, they give you up to a third off most train fares, which can be big bucks if you’re travelling inter-city. For some types of railcards there are even bigger savings if you choose to buy a three year card, which costs just £70.

According to the railcard website, the average annual saving passengers with a railcard make is £140. You can choose to hold either a digital railcard or a physical card and it’s quick to get signed up below.


Everyone’s world has shifted a few degrees over the last couple of years, whether it’s increased work from home or flexible working, or picking up extra side hustles to beat the cost of living, it’s likely your daily travel habits look a little different now. 


Season ticket options for all work schedules

If you haven’t already checked that the numbers still add up or made a change, it could be worth a look. Season tickets for rail travel used to be a sure fire way to save as a commuter, but if you now work a hybrid schedule and sometimes work from home, it may no longer be the best value for you. Take a look at flexible or short term season tickets if you can plan ahead for regular travel, or look for cheaper advance tickets if your schedule is changeable.


Ride everything, anytime with a Travel card

If you’re a Londoner or work in the capital, the same might apply for tube travel - if your work schedule has changed or is more flexible, you might find you can benefit more from off peak travel savings instead. Alternatively, a Travelcard might still be your best option as it allows you to ride the tube, bus, tram or train.

This information is intended for editorial purposes only and not  intended as a recommendation or financial advice