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If you like dogs and you’re up for regular exercise then dog walking is a great way to earn extra money. Start small with one dog and as your confidence grows you can add 2-3 more dogs increasing your earning for every walk. The great thing about this one is if you build up a few regulars then money comes in every week. If you want to make it more professional then set up a small business and get a van so you can take more dogs and earn more from this hustle. We’re a nation of dog lovers so this is a big market with lots of opportunities for you as many owners need a break from walking their dogs.


If you like spending time with pets then this one might be for you. Pet sitting is a bit like babysitting. You look after the pet when the owner is away. You could be feeding the pet, walking them and likely clearing up after them. It’s a great way to spend time with pets, get some time outdoors and extra cash. It’s easy to get started so look for local ads or print off a few simple leaflets and pop them into your neighbours letterboxes with your contact details. Most pet owners will be delighted knowing someone local is up for looking after their cat or dog while they’re away. 

It's worth finding a side hustle to make yourself extra money

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All you need to deliver for Amazon is a car.If you own a car there are no start-up costs. Look up Amazon flex which to find out everything you need to know to get started. Once you’ve signed up you can select an area you want to work in delivering for Amazon. Then you start earning extra money from this great side hustle 


These days you can rent almost anything with app and ways to let people know what’s on offer – so be bold and open your mind to these options 


With car sharing apps you can rent your car for selected periods of the day. So why have it sitting on the pavement idle when it could be earning you some extra money. Maybe if you get public transport to work, rent it out during the day or if you’re away on holiday or don’t use it most weekends. No need to worry about insurance as this is covered by the rental companies so what’s stopping you getting started and making your car earn its keep for you. 


If you’re lucky enough to have a car parking space, they’re in demand and much so in some areas so you can rent it out and earn extra money. 


If you have a spare room why not consider renting it out so it can earn you some extra cash.

Why have it empty when you could have someone paying towards your bills and maybe even some extra company. Renting a room is becoming more popular as everyone looks for ways to pay their bills

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