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  1. Time is money – we were wowed by how the workers/drivers navigated multiple platforms in real time to max their hourly earnings. Every second counts so they’re constantly on it to pick up new jobs.
  2. Sense of community– we could see how tight knit the delivery community is as you’re really part of a group. There is a real sense of community waiting outside the restaurants whether its a Chinese takeaway or McDonalds all the drivers are part of one big club regardless of which brand they work for
  3. It’s hard work – the grind is real and its not a ride in the park, its very demanding with fast runs and lots of stairs to climb when delivering. Winter weather makes it just that bit tougher

In summary, we say good potential for earning, great community and exercise but it’s hard work – so if you’re up for it this might be the side hustle for you to earn extra money and make new friends.


If you do decide to take up delivery, remember that bikes can be expensive to replace if stolen – particularly electric ones – so it’s worth investing in bike insurance.

It just shows getting on your bike can earn you some extra cash

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