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Beat the Dealer

We’ve all been there and done it. You’re in the car showroom and you’re looking at your dream new car feeling all warm and cuddly. The dealer then moves you over to his desk to sign the forms, and you’re ready to sign anything to get your new car. That’s when you need to stop and do a reality check!

Stop the lights and ask yourself one question. Is this the best deal? Can I find a better one and Beat the Dealer?

Car loans are one of the most popular loans out there as most of us need to buy a car at some point in our lives. So the rates from banks and lenders for this type of personal loan are very competitive so it pays to shop around.

The difference in paying say 20% interest versus 10% can add hundreds of pounds to your monthly repayments or thousands over the life of the loan so look very carefully at the interest rate and the monthly repayments.

So rather than take the “sign now pay later” way out with the dealer compare loans before you go into the car showroom so you know whether its a deal worth taking or not – most often you can get a better deal elsewhere (unless its 0% with no strings attached then think about taking it).

It’s best to compare car finance options before you sign up with any car dealer – it could save you thousands of pounds

Compare car loans to see if you can Beat the Dealer to save money

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Compare Car Finance

Not so long ago no one was comparing car finance so you had no option but to take the dealer finance deal.

The most important thing to realise is that car dealers may know about cars but they don’t know about car finance. They will not only sell you the car they will sell you car finance to make extra money from your car purchase.

I expect in future like we have seen mis-selling scandals in other areas we may see something here as car dealers are not qualified to sell financial products. In the meantime be careful as it’s likely you know as much about car finance as the dealer!

You can get the edge and Beat the Dealer by comparing car loans and selecting the best deal you can get and saving yourself money.

Compare car loans with providers like with whatever the dealer is offering you

Benefits of Car Loans

Affordable monthly repayments – you can spread the cost over a number of years making the monthly repayments smaller so that you can afford them and to buy a nice car to boot!

Car ownership – while home ownership for many is out of reach these days car ownership is possible with a car loan. So congratulations you own the car once you have repaid the loan. You can keep it, exchange it or sell it the choice is yours

Loan is unsecured – car loans are unsecured so if you were unable to make the repayments they could not repossess your home or other assets. As the name suggests it’s not secured onto any of them hence is unsecured.


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